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ALERT for Parents of Teens Regarding Acquire The Fire / Teen Mania / Battle Cry

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

The Acquire The Fire website has a video describing ATF’s “Branded By God – The Mark of a Warrior” promotion. About halfway through the video, the f-word is used (uttered by The Comedian when he shoves aside another kid from his locker). I had emailed Battle Cry inquiring about the profanity, and received a response stating

“The line that you are hearing is “Summon the Kracken!” Which is just a catch phrase used by that one character throughout the drama as a joke in reference to a line in a recent major motion picture.”

What is “Summon the Kracken (or Kraken)!”? One demonic website says: “…his crew of asundry dead sea creature pirates rise from their watery graves to collect the debt, and to summon….the KRACKEN.” The dead people are summoning “the Kracken”. According to the Bible, once a person dies, they go to heaven or hell. Dead people do not rise from their graves, wander around, or suddenly appear, and call for “the Kracken”. It’s quite clear that DEMONS are the ones who are summoning this Kraken. According to Wikipedia, the Kraken is a demonic sea creature that takes his victims where they must experience their worst fear for eternity – satan taking his victims to hell.

Why would a Christian organization make a Christian video depicting a character saying a phrase that is demonic? Or a phrase that sounds like profanity? Is that supposed to be “cool”? or perhaps “relevant to the pop culture”?, the very pop culture that ATF/Teen Mania/Battle Cry claims they are AGAINST?

Listen to this short audio from the video for yourself — it is clearly profanity. (link not working at this time)

Please be extremely careful about sending your teenagers to any of these events.

For more information regarding “branding” and Acquire The Fire, read:
Branding the New Breed (Note: There is a swear word in one of the quotes in this article.)
Training Teens to Twist the Truth

Ron Luce, founder and organizer of Teen Mania / Battle Cry / Acquire The Fire, is a proponent of contemplative spirituality, the NEW spirituality.

Watch him in this interview with Liz Babbs, New Age guru. Christian meditation?

Note: “the disciplines of old” is in reference to the Roman Catholic mystics, which means Luce is agreeing with the Catholics and denying the Reformation of the 1500s.


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Awana Clubs International Embraces Contemplative Spirituality

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

Article from Lighthouse Trails: Awana is showing signs that it is becoming a full-blown contemplative organization. …through Awana’s prison project, the organization is incorporating New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus Encounter program. Read rest of article HERE

Awana Shop Online: Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation

Note: SPIRITUAL FORMATION is another name for Contemplative Spirituality / Occult / New Age.

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Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

From Lighthouse Trails Research:

The following Audio clip is a sermon by Rob Bell. In this audio, Bell leads the audience through a meditation exercise and talks about various aspects of contemplative spirituality. Please use caution when listening to this audio file (not suitable for children)…

Lighthouse Trails has been contacted by several concerned parents and grandparents whose teens are being introduced to the teachings and films of emerging church leader, Rob Bell (a strong proponent of mysticism, i.e., contemplative)…

LINK to Lighthouse Trails Research article and AUDIO FILE of Rob Bell

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Bellevue Christian School in Clyde Hill (Bellevue), WA

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

From Lighthouse Trails Blog:

Is Velvet Elvis, the popular book by emerging pastor, Rob Bell, being recommended by your teen’s Christian school?

Read Velvet Elvis – A Doorway to the New Age

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Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU)

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

From Lighthouse Trails Blog:

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a non-profit organization that hopes to bridge the gap between parents and kids. However, the organization is pointing parents and teens to contemplative/emergent teachings.

Read more of the article HERE

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The Golden Compass — book & movie reviews

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

From Kjos Ministries – Berit Kjos:

More than 15 million copies of Philip Pullman’s trilogy have been sold. The first movie in the series opens December 7.As readers move from book to book, they meet likeable God-haters, experience magical worlds, and discover the strange forces that drive Pullman’s occult cosmos…

Read the BOOK review HERE

The movie, “The Golden Compass,” heralds a mysterious “compass,” but this is no ordinary navigational guide. Instead, it’s a divination device — an alethiometer — energized by tiny, conscious “Dust” particles. Though usually invisible, these Dust particles can be sensed by the story’s more psychically attuned characters. So when 12-year-old heroine Lyra seeks guidance through her treasured “truth measure,” she invokes swirling masses of shimmering Dust that communicate the “true” answers needed for the battles ahead…

Read the MOVIE review HERE

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Mennonites’ Lectio Divina and Mystics

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

Sharon Johnson of the Mennonite Brethren Conference staff recommends Zen and Buddhist meditation for Mennonite youth groups.
Read article HERE

Also More Mystics in the Mennonite Seminary

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Youth Specialties: Promoting Mysticism and Interspirituality

Posted by susanb99 on February 17, 2008

“Christianity is an eastern religion.” — Youth Specialties President
Read Lighthouse Trails article HERE

Youth Specialties promotes yoga, contemplative prayer, labyrinths (including the Roman Catholic Stations of the Cross), sacred candles, meditation – anything that leads the youth away from Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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